Monday, May 1, 2023

OWAC VI - The Cannibals

Cannibals, by Martin McKenna

Same crapy old models, but different unit: the cannibals of Wittgendorf. 

If most of the villagers suffer from various afflictions, some went a step further along the path of corruption, and turned towards cannibalism. Hidden in the abandoned temple of Sigmar, they have devoured the majority of the corpses in the crypt and in the graveyard. Now, they want more...

The ghoulish villagers are armed with clubs and bones, or any weapon they could find in the graves. In terms of game, I wanted to count them as Fleglers (flagellants), but they may in the end join the other villagers to form a block of useless Landesturm. We'll see...

In terms of miniatures, you'll recognize some villagers of the Citadel C46 range, two flagellants (one F2 Fighter and one MM65 Marauder) and one F4 mercenary, slightly modified using bits and bones from ghouls and zombies sprues. 

In terms of painting, same colors as for the other villagers, except the red tones that I have reserved for the mouth and the hands of the cannibals.

I have also slightly adapted my "rock and moss" bases, picked some bits from these excellent zombies to give a more sinister look to the unit, with dug up graves and bodies removed, either eaten by the villagers or taken by Lady Magritte for her necromantic experiments.

Right: Illustration from "Death on the Reik", by Martin McKenna

Same bases, this time occupied. Hmm... can't say that all these models are nice and fun to paint!

Rear rank:


and front rank:

See you next month with some characters!


  1. Les figs ont du cachet, mention spéciale pour le flagellant converti. On sent bien le côté morbide de cette fine équipe :)

    1. merci ! très content d'avoir pu trouver une utilisation pour ces figurines pouilleuses achetées il y a des années dans la fièvre de l'OWAC III et de la croisade de Peter le pieux...

  2. C'est toujours chouette de voir tes unités (même si ça manque de sang séché)

    1. j'en ai mis partout ! achète des nouveaux yeux !