Thursday, March 2, 2023

OWAC VI - The Halberdiers

Second batch of guards protecting Castle Wittgenstein, this time armed with halberds, but still wearing full-face masks. Most of the models are the splendid halberdiers designed by thte Perry twins for the 4th edition Warhammer Empire army. I have simply changed thir heads, and added a few details.

The standard bearer is a minor conversion of the original Sergeant Kratz.

The only thing I've been able to keep from the "official" coats of arms of Wittgenstein's family is... the grey tones (the severed heads are bits stolen to the splendid AoS Kruleboyz)

Final pictures for February's entry:


  1. It is not easy to paint an entire unit of men-at-arms in full armor without getting a monotonous result; especially since you have chosen shades of gray also for the banner. But knowing your admirable skill of painting the NMM, we had no dubts: the result is impressive!
    We noticed that the skintone of the few bare parts is more reddish than the "classic Jaeckel's skintone": is this a deliberate choice to indicate the mutations these guards underwent at Wittgenstein Castle?

    1. thanks and well spotted. Yes, I have tried to change my usual skintone, adding some purple in the shades and light blue and green in the highlights. Not convinced it looks like a diseased skin, but that was the intent...

  2. Waow, ce régiment est vraiment très réussi ! On sent bien le coté à la fois terne et corrompu de la province : les visages masqués, la couleur de peau violacée, la nuance de rouge utilisée pour les plumets / vêtements et les bitz qui viennent des orques donnent un tout malaisant, dérangeant mais pas trop. Dommage pour les armes de l'étendard, mais je conçois bien la difficulté de rendre les armoiries de la province. Courage pour la suite !!