Saturday, February 4, 2023

OWAC VI - The crossbowmen

A modest beginning with the crossbowmen defending Castle Wittgenstein. To hide their corruption, they're all wearing full-face masks. Not ideal to have a beer!

'Death on the Reik' illlustration by Martin McKenna

In terms of colours, the overall scheme is pretty dull. Wittgenstein Barony being part of the Reikland, I have opted for a dirty white base for the uniforms, sometimes complemented by black stripes... The rare glimpses of diseased flesh have received a basecoat of Vallejo Game Color Tan, shaded with Dark fleshtone and Violet ink, and highlighted with Dead flesh and light blue. I've also changed my recipe for NMM, using neutral instead of bluish greys. Can't say it improves the gloomy feeling!

First you'll recognize the guard model proposed in the original scenario pack, painted 3 times 😜

Then come Men-At-Arms and Mercenaries (Citadel C26 and F4). Only two are original miniatures:


The other ones are simple conversions with head swaps, and helmet extensions:

  The converted rank:


And that's it for January!

A second batch of guards should follow...


  1. C'est pas un peu facile ce coup des heaumes pour cacher la corruption ? Qu'est ce qui nous prouve que sous les casques c'est tout corrompu ? Si ça se trouve tu n'as rien convertis dessous et tout joue sur notre crédulité (imagination ?) !
    Sinon, c'est bien peint :P

    1. Tout est finement sculpté puis masqué derrière une épaisse couche de milliput. promis