Friday, July 29, 2022

Post-OWAC paintum. The Swivel Gun

I couldn't conclude the OWAC V with only 98 dwarfs painted (plus the gnome, the hobbits, the giant, the bear and the mule). So, here is a MM14 swivel gun and his two servants. 


There. Now that I have reached 100 miniatures, I feel better 😁 

I should be back end August with new models. No dwarves, no squats. Surprise!


  1. A true classic, enhanced by your painting.
    But wasn't the perfect number for the dwarves seven?! 😁
    Enjoy the summer and look forward to the news you promised us!

  2. And 98 was a multiple of 7 :( I should have stopped there!

  3. Have you ever explained your basing method before? I'm mainly enthralled by the green grassy/mossy texture you make so effectively. It almost looks like two different shades of green pigment powder or something.

    1. I wrote a tutorial long time ago, here: But since, as you have seen, I have replaced the drybrushing of different tones of green by the application of Pastels à l'écu sennelier (again, different tones of green). Much more efficient. Possibly more fragile too if you want to play with them.

  4. This is so original. I have ordered the green set from DickBlick in the U.S. I also found your tutorial by searching after I posted. All great help and thank you!