Thursday, May 26, 2022

OWAC V - More thunderers

Once again, painting the fourth and last mandatory unit of the challenge has proven to be a difficult task. Blame the blue, a color I struggle with, and a "déjà-vu" feeling, as I had already painted most of these models at least once. Anyway... 

Lucerne was one of the Swiss Cantons I had not addressed yet. The omission is now rectified with this second regiment of thunderers, wearing the blue-and-white colors of their clan.

Coat of arms of the Canton of Lucerne (triangular painting in the Chapel Bridge, Lucerne)

Nothing particular to mention on the thunderers, all from the Marauder Miniatures range. I'm not particularly happy with the standard-bearer, but my painting mojo was too low to adorn the banner with runes or dwarf patterns of some sort. Anyway... the fourth regiment is done!

And the resulting band:

See you next month with the leader and a few bonuses.

June's preview: the Canus Gigas

In 1577, under an overturned oak tree in the canton of Lucerne, gigantic bones were discovered, which City of Basel physician Felix Platter later declared as those of a giant, the Helvetus Gigas. In reality, they were mammoth fossil bones. Of course, in the Old World, the Gigas is an actual inhabitant of the Grey Mountains... It should be part of June's entry :)

The Giant of Lucerne (Chapel bridge, Lucerne)


  1. Very nice result, plain but clean. And Lucerne's colour scheme works well, although we perfectly share your observation that blue is not a friendly colour.
    These are clearly the cool companions of the previous ranger-style thunderers: we would not be surprised if a very long rivalry, typical of the dwarves, was going on between those units... What is the dwarven name you chose for this Lucerne-inspired clan?
    We can't wait to see your "Helvetus Gigas", which we didn't know at all! If you can spoil it, will it look as wild as in the original illustration, or will the dwarves have sewn it into a Renaissance-style dress before joining it in their ranks?

    1. Thanks. The Canton of Lucerne is the clan of the Blue Peak. The Canus Gigas should have a wilder style than his masters, as it is based on a Citadel C28 giant.

  2. This is really going to help me sort out my thunderers!

    1. Glad to read that it can be of some help :)