Thursday, March 24, 2022

OWAC V - Some thunderers

As promised last month, enter the thunderers for the third month of the OWAC V.

The dwarfs of the Red Claw clan are not fond of the fancy clothes worn in the Empire, and rather stick to leather gambesons and chainmails, the top of the fantasy being a coloured feather. Their attachment to the traditions and their native hold is symbolized by the mascot they bring to every battlefield: a fierce mountain bear, which also appears on the coats of arms of the clan.

Appenzell banner (1499)

My initial plan was to paint the standing bear of the Canton of Appenzell, but it didn't fit with the format of the banner. I've used instead the walking bear of the Canton of Bern as a reference. Below the original and the resulting copy:

The standard bearer:

The musician is the other model slightly converted for this unit, by replacing the original sword by a handgun. The other dwarfs are MM10, MM15 or MM16 Marauder Miniatures, plus Cyril the bear from the old Citadel Dwarf King's Court set.


Second rank:

First rank:

And the full clan:

See you next month with a new clan!


  1. Such a great unit with loads of character. I love how the bear mascot matches the banner. They look awesome!

    1. Thanks Oli. Yes, the introduction of the bear changed my initial plans for the banner. Fortunately, the swiss coats of arms are full of animals!

  2. We were expecting colorful uniforms again, and instead you surprised us! Well, these dwarf thunderers are practical folks, with their mechanical weapons and gunpowder stained hands ...
    We wouldn't want to over-interpret your choices, but a fairly uniform brown-toned colour scheme might come in handy for snipers for camouflage - assuming there were snipers among the Swiss!
    The link between the emblem on the flag and the bear mascot is brilliant. Even a llama would have been cute for its ability to "shoot" like its masters, but I doubt it would pass for an alpine animal ...

  3. The llama is an excellent idea! And yes, the leather armours could suggest a more "ranger" style than the other regiments. Anyway, i'm back with flashy colors for the next entry...

  4. Clean lines and great details on the banner. As for the rest of the figurines, excellent work as usual :)