Tuesday, January 25, 2022

OWAC V - More crossbowmen

Back to my Swiss mercenar... sorry Grey Mountaineers, with a second regiment of quarellers, led by Wilhelm Tellson, renown for the deadly accuracy of his pistol crossbow... or the unbelievable luck of his page, Walter Swiftfoot. 

Of course, any ressemblance to legendary swiss characters is purely accidental...

Tell's Apple Shot - Relief sculpture around 1523 - Swiss National Museum

All the marksmen are clothed in the BlackHorns colours of black and yellow. A short summary of the colours I've used:
  • Yellow: basecoat: VMC Plague Brown; shadow: GW Reikland Fleshshade and P3 Bloodstone; highlights: base + VMC Pale Sand and Ivory, then pure Ivory;
  • Black: basecoat: VMC Extra Opaque Heavy Charcoil; shadows: GW Contrast Black Templar; highlights: the base + VGC Bone white; 
  • White: basecoat Andrea white paint set (darkest tone); shadows: TMP Strong Tone shade; highlights: basecoat + VMC Ivory or VMC Sky Grey;
  • Red: basecoat Andrea red paint set (2nd tone); shadows: VMC Dark Red and GW Contrast Flesh Tearers Red; highlights: VGC Hot Orange and VMC Basic Skin Tone.

In terms of miniatures, Wilhelm Tellson is a conversion of a MM11 champion, where the original handgun has been replaced by a pistol crossbow. 
The Swiftfoot brothers are MM64 halflings, transformed into musician and standard bearer. 
The other quarellers are basic MM15 models. 

The resulting rear and front ranks:

The whole band of apple shooters:

With this regiment, my collection of painted Marauder crossbowmen can be considered (almost) achieved! 

Next month, I should complete the 40 mandatory warriors with 10 additional pikemen.


  1. A brilliant result indeed: we love the irony of Wilhelm Tellson and his page, truly in the oldhammer spirit.
    The color scheme is great, and the information you provided is what we wanted as we were planning to paint some soldiers in the Averland uniform, but the black and yellow is pretty tough. Instead, you managed to combine them and highlight them really well.
    Is the model for these uniforms the colours of the Uri canton? What are the sources you were inspired by for your coats of arms?

  2. Thanks Rodor. The black-and-yellow scheme is indeed from the Uri canton. I was planning to paint on the shield the coats of arms of Altdorf village, where a statue of William Tell stands. But in the end, I have only kept the red and white stripes and replaced the half-eagle by the half-auroch's head of the BlackHorns clan. The red and black apple comes from nowhere.

  3. Cette unité de buveur de bière (ou de cidre pour la circonstance) est géniale, pleine de caractère et haute en couleur dans tous les sens du terme.
    Toujours aussi fan.