Saturday, December 11, 2021

Preparing OWAC V

After considering elves, skaven, and melniboneans, I've finally made up my mind for this new edition of the Old World Army Challenge: puff and slash dwarfs again 😜

For OWAC V, my plan is simple: add 10 pikemen and 10 crossbowmen to complete the mandatory troops (i.e. 40 Dwarf warriors and 20 crosssbowmen), boost the fire power of my mercenary dwarfs with 20 thunderers, and finally paint my mounted general 🐴

If time permits, I will paint a few extras, including wild dwarfs, new bodyguards for the paymaster, and a cart for the bishop.

My prepared miniatures so far:


And finally the wagon, based on a Perry Miniatures carroccio, with Fenryll wheels and a few GW bits.  



  1. When are you going to start posting on ig? ;)

  2. Most of the miniatures had been anticipated for the previous OWAC, but the wait to see also these troops painted was too strong: a Swiss dwarf army 2.0... Besides the general on the pony, which was a long awaited piece, we are intrigued by the unit of thunderers, since we too are designing one with the same Marauder miniatures: given the very long times of our projects, we will certainly have time to get inspired by you! If we're not wrong, the wild dwarves are this year's addition - how will they look "Swiss"? Tattoos or body paints in the colors of the cantons? One last remark: who knows what you would have planned with the skaven, the elves or the Melniboneans ... but in the end the first love is never forgotten...

    1. Thanks Rodor! The thunderers and the pikemen will be painted in the colors of three new cantons (basically, a two-color scheme). The wild dwarfs are an attempt to integrate the slayer miniatures in a puff and slash context. They will be the equivalent of the woodwoses: fancy shields and probably brown and grey colors for the beards.