Sunday, April 2, 2017

Swordsman #9

Back to the MM60 range for this new swordsman. Again, a real pleasure to paint :)

And the family shot:



  1. Awesome work as always 🙂 just one question though.....has your warrior priest changed units permanently or is it just for photo purposes? I'm not sure he works in a unit of swordsmen.

  2. Permanently: I didn't like the difference of size between the flagellants and this guy. I agree it's not ideal in a unit of "swordsmen", but I don't see where else to put him (probably in the last rank when the unit is complete).

  3. Tes nains vont prendre cher, mon cher !
    Très belle unité au final, une de mes préférée !

    1. Mouais, c'est vrai qu'ils commencent à avoir de la gueule ces humains ! Heureusement qu'ils ont des caracs toutes pourries :)