Friday, March 31, 2017

Swordsman #8

Another unreleased warrior from Marauder Miniatures. He looks like a gladiator or a pit fighter, not totally fitting in an imperial army, but acceptable in a unit of mercenaries.


  1. He really makes me think to old chaos warriors (I mean when they weren't uniformized, in the 80/90's)... The way he looks, the head forward... great. There's another one of your swordsmen, the number #4. He's a little bit chaotic in his position, in the armour... Like a Thug in armour. This one is like a Marauder.
    Just no words for the paintings, great of course.
    I'm OK with the acceptability in a mercenary unit.

  2. Brilliant! Odd figure though; it does look more like a chaos warrior...

  3. You're probably right, maybe these unreleased warriors were not meant for Empire but for Chaos. I'll reconsider their allegiance when I start painting my "Kaon the Idolator" army :p

  4. Over two months ago, scored one of these on eBay for unbelievably low price of ~$12 with shipping. :-) Doesn't look Germanic, but I don't see anything Chaotic about it, similar style with F23 and Estalians/Tileans.

    1. Yes, for a reason I don't quite understand, we can find this model at rather low prices...