Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Picks and shovels for the White Lady

A strange cult follows the army of the White Lady: they call themselves the Mourners, a gentle nickname for maniacs armed with picks and shovels, ready to kill and bury (not necessarily in this order) anyone showing not tenough respect for their deads. 

While one can easily figure out the lethality of pickaxes, using shovels as weapons may seem more dubious. Well... as Cain once said to Abel: au contraire mon frère!

Detail of a miniature of Cain murdering Abel taken from f. 10v of Bible historiale complétée moyenne (the 'Bible Historiale of John the Good').

For consistency, I wanted to be close to the colour scheme of the spearmen and archers, but this time, the brown tones were for the robes and not for leather. So, instead of highlighting the basecoat (VMC Chocolate Brown) with VMC Flat Earth and VGC Bone White, I have tried to soften the transitions by adding an intermediary tone, VMC US Field Drab.

And the whole band... for now!


  1. Lovely painting and seamless conversions on those old Perry flagellants. Great job.

    1. thanks! not very fun to paint, still a few models to work on to consider the regiment completed

    2. I can imagine. I always find their sculpts hard to paint. I think it’s because they tend to be small and fine with quite shallow detail. That said, you managed well.