Saturday, April 13, 2024

More spearmen for the White Lady

The same four models, slightly converted, and painted in the usual colour scheme, except that I have forgotten the recipe used on the bones of the previous batch. This time, I'll log things properly. So, for my now 'greyish' skulls:

  • Basecoat: VMC Chocolate Brown + VMC Neutral Grey
  • Highlights: GW Karak Stone, VMC Light Grey, VMC Ivory Bone
  • Shades: GW Agrax Earthshade


We're close to the end of this regiment!


  1. We missed the last troops, but we recovered them! We can't wait to see a parade of your painted army now.
    The recipe seems very effective, and indeed skulls and bones painted differently give a greater charm to the whole - as was pointed out to us, the colour varies depending on where the bones were buried... Wait a moment: but did the dead comrades ever receive a burial in your lore?

    1. no, the dead comrades have been boiled (more to come on that specific part), and their bones are kept in portable shrines until they're back on motherland. The skulls exposed on the spears come from fallen enemies.

  2. The lore and the painting are both awesome. Great ideas, great inspirations, great painting. Bravo.