Sunday, December 10, 2023

A new army project (part III)

The 7th edition of the OWAC is approaching. Below two new regiments prepared to join the army of the White Lady.

The Guard is composed of imperial foot knights designed in the early nineties by Michael Perry. Since GW released only 8 different models, including the leader, the musician and the standard bearer, I have added a captain, and made a few changes, gluing icons and candles wherever I could, and swapping some heads. Interestingly, the oldest plastic sprues (the Empire Soldiers Regiment Box) provide the finest and more realistic faces. 

The Death Crier of the regiment is based on the Reiksguard standard bearer model: the left hand now holds a bell-mace instead of the original sword, while the right hand brandishes the second attribute of these mysterious characters, the lantern, guiding the souls of their fallen comrades. 

The Mourners are based on the flagellant models released in the 2000s. Again, I had to deal with a limited set of models (6) to build a whole regiment. On top of that, I wanted to change their traditional imagery into something closer to the god of the dead. I have tried to remove the obvious references to the cult of Sigmar, and replaced the flails by tools more fit to the Gardens of Mòrr: gravedigger's shovels and pickaxes.


I guess a Death Crier was kind of redundant among Mourners, but I still made one, using the hand holding a lamp cut from an old Citadel F5 paladin, Sir Osram, and some bits from the flagellant plastic sprues. Below the four death criers prepared for the army.

I still need to work on the characters and the war machine. See you next year for the first painted regiment!


  1. Hello! You know we're enthusiastic fans of the way you blend history and Warhammer lore into your projects, and you've got a wonderful idea here too! We dredged up the previous posts, which we had missed, and appreciated the entire structure of your plan.
    Death hovers right around this funeral army... Have you thought about including a ghoulish mascot (e.g. a hunchbacked undertaker) among your armed forces?
    We can't wait to see the first units painted for the next OWAC, and best wishes on the black liveries - a colour that's far from easy, but you'll definitely be able to amaze us with the result!

    1. Welcome suggestion, Rodor, I need to find one now :)

  2. Your conversions are always a marvel, and your armies an inspiration.

    1. Thank you Bill! I still have to finalize the sorcerers and the general by the end of the year :)