Friday, July 16, 2021

OWAC IV - The conclusion

I've already posted my wrap-up on the OWAC blog, but I thought I might share a few additional pictures here.

So, here we are, after 6 months of painting, my second dwarf army of around 1000 points:

I've already mentioned here that I had still a couple of ideas to exploit with the Swiss theme, such as the hot chocolate pot, the clockworkers, or William Tell the quareller, plus a few things I'd like to finish, the general on poney and the Archbishop of Grungni, and of course several tens of Marauder Miniatures that are still waiting for their basecoat...Maybe for the next OWAC edition in 2022?


  1. Beautiful army, I am really impressed. It is great to see the old Merauder dwarves painted up so well.

  2. Like everything you paint, this looks super god!
    Such an unique style!
    You are one of my biggest inspirations!