Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Cobblers' Guild Master and his shield bearer

Once again, not a Marauder model but a villager from the Citadel C46 range, the "mastersmith". No idea who sculpted it... As far as I know, it could be Aly Morrison or Trish Carden, which means that this addition wouldn't be totally irrelevant in a Marauder-only army (minus two).

As usual, the shield bearer is a halfling from the MM64 range (reference HL2): the scythe has been replaced by a dagger and I've simply glued a shield on the left arm.

Regarding the shield, I've simplified the coat of arms of the cobblers' guild of Vienna (check this blog for more details) by removing the arrow and the small details of the crown. Below the original:

So, that's it, my rank of weathy owners of Pfeildorf's militia is now ready for parade.

Still 5 militiamen to paint to complete the regiment...


  1. Beautiful, I think this could be the best one, though it's hard to choose. Love the rich red of the field.

  2. Absolutely stunning. The painting is of your usual high standards but the choice of minis, research and compositions are some of the best out there. Love it.

  3. Yup, Good work, Buddy ! In fashion contest, I'll beat your poorly dressed dwarves everytime ! Mouhahaha !