Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bood-Wargames drunken dwarf

OK, after the Marauder ogre, I needed something smaller (and easier!) to paint: I've selected one of the imperial dwarves sculpted by John Pickford and proposed by Bood-Wargames miniatures: the drunkard on foot. As you can see, always in my comfort zone with my usual tones for clothes and NMM :|

Next post, I should be back with my imperial army.


  1. Gorgeous as always. Jealous of your skills.

  2. That's the comfort zone for you mec, we call it heaven. ;)

  3. Gorgeous work, must check out that range, I knew there were Renaissance Dwarfs but not Imperial Dwarfs.

    1. Thanks. Well, check Edouard's range of miniatures, they have a flavor of "Perry twins" dwarfs, sculpted back in the eighties :)

  4. Thanks to expose my minis is really very beautiful painting, as always.

    I am very happy to have pictures of my little production on your blog

    I am eager to see more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!