Saturday, March 5, 2016

Militiaman #2

I've started to work on my second regiment: the militia employed by the GuildHouse of Pfeildorf, mostly armed with a spear and wearing a leather jerkin.

The model comes from the Empire citizen range MM62 (reference CZ22), with a small addition in Brown Stuff to paint the colors of the militia  (white and red). Nothing much to add, except that this long spearhead is a real pain to paint properly :(


  1. Another impressive and muscular warrior for my band !

  2. At least, he has a weapon :)
    Don't worry buddy, soon, it's going to get worse: your militia will include some merchants (from the Guildhouse of Pfeildorf, not my fault, it's the background!). And I've just bought the missing halfling to build a unit of fierce peasants (led by a cook armed with a big spoon ^_^).