Sunday, July 26, 2015

Skaven on hold

Hmm... it seems that I have some difficulties to put aside my dwarf army. So, to reduce (a little) my pile of unpainted lead, I've decided to rework my previously completed regiments and paint additional models to get multiples of 12.

Let's start with this old Assassin Miniatures model (you can read his story on the blog of his creator, who, 20 years later, sculpted these amazing Renaissance dwarfs). Not my favorite, but I'm running out of spearmen.

And now, this dwarf warrior/crossbowman (haven't decided yet where to put him). Really nice sculpt (as often with the Perrys), I probably should have spent more time on the beard. Anyway.


  1. Wonderful figures and amazing painting as always. Love these.

  2. Nice work, but very sad you have stopped on the skaven



  3. Thanks guys. Well, I have to find a better idea to base my skaven, and then... back to work!

  4. Les nains Runecast sont classes, le tambour lansquenet donne une bonne touche d'humour dans une unité. L'arba blessé Citadel je l'adore, il donne aussi de la vie dans son unité. Pour la peinture, pas de changement ... c'est top.
    A+ Nico