Saturday, July 26, 2014

Throbin Dead Eye, slayer #6 and standard bearer

This is the second time I paint a Throbin Dead Eye miniature, anb hopefully the last one :) I'm not a big fan of this sculpture, but it was the only mini I had that I could convert into a standard bearer slayer.

As you can see, I have simply replaced the axe by a flag from a prepainted Confrontation miniature and I've tried to clean as much as possible the layer of paint to get a smooth surface before undercoating the whole mini in white.

And now the painting. With my "kind of" crusade army theme, all my standard bearers have a black cross as emblem:

So, keeping this theme in mind, I've tried to find something suitable for a bunch of orange hair mad killers with suicidal tendencies. And finally, it's just a black cross on a white background with "trollslayer" written in the middle...

The red gems are here as a reminder of the dead eye of Throbin, as you can see below:

Hmmm... should have spent more time on the shadowing, particularly in the back :(


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, just a little more shading maybe, I really like the black cross, / crusader theme, it's really tying the army together.

  2. Always too hard on yourself. I do love that fine speckled effect on the Teutonic looking banner.

  3. Ouf j'ai eu peur, j'ai cru à un étendard en brown stuff sur la vignette :P

  4. Cracking job, it's a drooltastic piece of work!

  5. I personally don't quite like the flag in this unit, it's standing out too much and it is too "big". Slayers are pretty much naked and for my opinion their banner should be simple and ascetic. For your crusade theme, maybe their banner could be an orc or a goblin being crucified? :D Love your painting!

  6. Well, a crucified goblin is a good idea... if only the model already existed :)
    Message understood, I'll try to paint a 10th slayer without standard to complete this unit.