Friday, May 16, 2014

One Thousand and One Points

Hurray, now that my cannon crew is completed, I've finally reached the 1000 pt threshold: 
  • 20 crossbowmen = 260 points
  • 20 warriors with shields, double handed weapons, musician and standard bearer = 286 points
  • 10 hammerers with standard bearer = 176 points
  • 10 warriors with shields, spears, musican and standard bearer = 144 points
  • 1 fire thrower team with light armours = 60 points
  • 1 3-man cannon with light armours = 75 points

All my gratitude goes to Games Workshop and its executive team for cancelling the french Games Day :) Thanks to them, I've stayed focused on this army for two years now.

Next step is the painting of a small regiment for the unit painting contest on Bugman's Brewery forum. Between spearmen and slayers, I haven't decided yet... What do you think?


  1. Slayers. They're so iconic as a GW unit.

  2. I'd second Slayers! They would add a rather barbaric element to your army and I must admit I'd love to see how you tackled painting them.

    All the best!

  3. Naked dwarfs always get my vote. Slayers!

    Lovely work on the cannon, it's almost glistening in the light of adoration :)

  4. La classe continue dans ta lancée, on s'en fout des GD fait nous rêver avec tes nains et grave pour les Slayers :D !

  5. Congratulations on the first thousand points. Has it really been two years? Time flies!

    The slayers get my vote, some great sculpts there.

  6. Right, slayers then! (I must admit they had my preference too :p ). And one day, I'll try to finish these spearmen... one day.

  7. Well done on getting to 1000 points at that level of quality. Quite an achievement.


  8. En ce qui me concerne, tu peux oublier les lanciers pour l'instant.
    Les tueurs sont une unité emblématique de l'armée naine, et une unité de crêtes oranges sera une très belle addition à ton armée, qui lui apportera une touche de couleur vive au milieu des teintes neutres.

    Sinon, ton canon est superbe, et j'adore le servant qui se bouche les oreilles (ha, cette lointaine époque où les figs GW étaient pleines d'humour...)

  9. The cannon crew is extremely well done, beautiful. The old school dwarves have so much more character than the newer ones.

  10. 1000 points of pure excellence. very well done!