Friday, December 13, 2013

Dwarf spearman #3

Back to the MM10 range with this 3rd spearman. I think the shield comes from a Wargames Foundry blister I bought a looooong time ago. Unfortunately, they're not sold separately (I've just received a negative answer) and I have only 6 left to complete my regiment.


  1. Check over on the oldhammer forum, there are some guys with large collections of foundry bits that might be able to help you out.

  2. Fantastic, as usual. Excited to see the finished regiment!

  3. I loved spearmen 1 & 2, great job. Spearman 3 has to be the favourite so far. The beard is stunning and I really like the shield too.
    I'll keep an eye out for any shields I may come across.


  4. Well thank you both of you! I'm also looking forward to seeing the end of this regiment, 'cause they're clearly not my favorite minis. And I have some spare Hasslefree shields, I have to check if they works here.

  5. he's a great looking guy, very well done.