Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spring-Summer collection: Wood Elves

Tired of beards, heavy armours and short legs? Good news for you: Citadel has also produced a whole range of Wood Elves. And when you'll see Mike McVey's incredible army, you won't hesitate anymore: long bows, cavalry, eagles, wardancers... I count to three and when you wake up, you'll start collecting a new army...

One... two... three... Sell your dwarfs. Now!

We, old fashionned dwarf collectors, should praise Grungni for Mike McVey's choice: imagine the result if, instead of Wayne England, who is a very honorable painter, Mike McVey, the ultimate 'Eavy Metal artist, had decided on dwarfs. 20 years later, even the ugliest model would sell for crazy prices... well, OK, it's already the case :(

So back to WD141: 10 pages of pure delight. If one excepts the first regiment of plastic wood elves,  I think we have here the ultimate weapon to make the dwarf prices collapse: striking color schemes, amazing painting job, banners designed with the help of John Blanche and Jess Goodwin and great conversion ideas... IMO, the best army ever published in White Dwarf.

Three months later, Mike McVey published in WD 144 the last big unit of his army: the Elven Lords cavalry. Again, a pleasure for the eyes and hopefully, an inspiration for starting a new OOP collection :o)


  1. A fiendishly clever ploy. Well played, Sir!

  2. J'ai toujours déteste les elfes mais j'avoue que cette armée et surtout avec les règles de wf3 c'est que du bonheur!
    Les fig sont magnifiques et ne Se vendent pas Aussi Cher que les Nains Ou le Chaos!