All right, new page for a new collection, I'm not sure it makes any sense, given the amount of old lead I already have to paint. I'm getting obsessed with Aly Morrison's models, and now I'm after his Oriental Heroes. No clue if they're easy to collect or not, we'll see that in the coming months... or years.

OH1 - Ninjas

I still have some doubts about ninjas, as the models were designed by Aly Morrison but also by the Perry twins.

OH2 - Samurais

OH3 - Ronin

  OH4 - Renegades

 OH5 - Oriental Champions

C22 - Nippon Rocket launcher 

The only warmachine of the whole Nippon range. A must have (I guess...)

Temple Dog

And the only monstruous mount released for Nippon.


  1. If you're not too picky, Foundry released 10 of the ninjas:

    The CO5 range:

    My shinobi searching has been satiated with a collection of thirty: some duplicates, will be given different weapons, 2 pre-slotta ones and a mounted one sans horse - no idea what to use as a substitute mount.

    Have 2 of the rocket launchers and thought paying $25 with shipping was a bit much ten years ago, but now I see 'em offered for ~$50-$100. lol Aside from the crew, it's just a trestle rocket launcher, an exact copy of the Congreve one, so one could acquire from historical kits or scratch build out of balsa - authentic Japanese rocket launchers looked different.

    Haven't come across the rest of the range, probably due to not looking, but for ninjas, if one's not too picky about duplicates, one could find them in 3-5 figure lots, so about $4-$6/figure, with shipping being the issue. If looking for something specific, like ninja holding grenade or in a certain pose, expect prices per figure to be as much as MM60 fighters.

    1. Thanks for noticing this page :)
      I'm aware of the Wargames Foundry ex-Citadel C05 range and intend to buy them, one day or the other. Regarding the rocket launchers, I've been lucky enough to find two of them (without the rockets) at very decent prices. Now I have them, I realise that they are indeed quite easy to build. And thanks about the Congreve info by the way, didn't know at all that such weapons actually existed.